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Why Beeswax?

There are several key benefits to beeswax candles.  While doing our research on different candle waxes we decided beeswax was the perfect compliment to our brand assortment.  For starters, did you know the air you breathe is much cleaner when using a beeswax candle?  That's right, you would be correct if you said YES to that question!  Beeswax candles act as a "natural filter", producing negative ions when burned to neutralize the air by removing pollutants.  Research has proven these pollutant fighting sterilizers help eliminate dust, mold and odor.  Unlike some soy, paraffin and other harmful waxes that can be carcinogenic, beeswax does quite the opposite.

Piece of Honeycomb

Speaking of clean atmospheres, there are additional gains from using beeswax for your personal health and wealth as well.  For instance, those same neutralizing properties are said to ease allergy and asthma symptoms, in addition to, improving breathing capacities for anyone in the same ecosystem.  Let's not forget to mention the therapeutic effects you gain from a beeswax candle as well.

Compared to other waxes such as Soy, paraffin and other synthetic wax variants, once you use a beeswax candle you will never want to go back!   

We have dedicated timeless research in mastering the art of curating the perfect beeswax candle.  This was an extremely arduous process that required immense amounts of patience in order to finalize our assortment of beeswax candles.  In the end, the process was certainly worth it and we are excited to provide you with a product that is sincerely cultivated with JOY.

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