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The Full Story


Our inspiration is guided based on these principles.  We invite you to learn more about our story and the elevation of JoyHouse Essentials.


How It Started 

The JoyHouse Shop is an up and coming online store that features a variety of high-quality and wholesome goods.  It is the brainchild of JoyHouse LLC.

Since inception, we have always put an emphasis on obtaining knowledge and asking questions about anything we attach our brand to.  Those humble experiences are what fuels our drive for excellence today as we construct the framework for the future. The team at JoyHouse LLC understands that every quality experience goes beyond what is transactional between the consumer and the product.  We desire to build organically together one authentic relationship at a time.

Our Essence

The purpose of JHE is purely based off the ideas of providing a service to the refinement of the home.  Being the most intimate space we occupy daily, so many of us do not find enough time to engage in self care.  For us, JHE believes self care equates to quality skin care, ultimate relaxation and intellectual elevation. 

The passion and appreciation of this vision comes from my personal experiences fumbling through several different skin care phases.  Soap and water were part of my daily routine, but unbeknownst to me, these methods contributed to my own detriment. ​

To the people who inspired and sacrificed along this journey with us, many thanks to all for the emotional reinforcement and accountability. 


Especially to you which we will keep unnamed, you know who you are.

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