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Shea Butter 

The differences between White & Yellow shea butter...

Shea butter is a natural fat that is extracted from the nut within the shea tree.  Due to it's moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter is best considered to slow the natural state of aging.  Shea butter comes in two finishes, yellow and white.  Although quite noticeably easy to contrast, there are additional characteristics that differentiate white and yellow shea butter from each other.  


White shea butter can be referred to as refined shea butter and yellow shea butter is known as the natural or unrefined shea butter.  The immediate difference begins with the smell.  Yellow shea butter is known to have an "earthy" scent whereas white shea butter has no scent whatsoever as a result of the refining process.

When comparing nutrient levels, the yellow shea butter has more nutrients packed in it's natural state.  This is because some of the nutrients in white shea butter are lost at some stage during the refining process.  In fact, it is determined up to 75% of bioactive nutrients such as Vitamin A & E are lost during the refining process. 


This also holds true with vitamin content.  Yellow shea butter has more healing properties compared to white shea butter.  Most of the healing resources of white shea butter also are removed during the refining process.  As a result, white shea butter is found to be commonly used more in the cosmetic industry.  You will still receive the moisturizing benefits from white shea butter, just not the same healing and beautifying benefits as unrefined shea butter.

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