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Your candles are polluting your home: The Solution is Beeswax

When is the last time you checked the type of wax your candle was composed of? How about ever checking for the wax label while shopping at your favorite online candle site or storefront? Some of your beloved candle making companies are keeping a very significant secret from you. It is hidden beyond the packaging, amazing smells and clever scent titles. Let's discuss what you need to know about candle waxes and associated threats they can present in your home.

Types of candle wax and associated health risk?

Within the candle making industry, you have 3 primary types of wax. Paraffin, Soy and Beeswax. All three waxes can produce a great smelling candle, however there are potential health hazards associated with the kind of wax you use.

Paraffin is used in much of the candles and cosmetics we see today
Crude Oil

For starters, Paraffin also known as Alkane (petroleum) is a cost efficient, oil-based, refined petroleum by product. Paraffin wax contains several toxic compounds and chemicals such as Benzene and Toluene which is found in crude oil. This is important to know because whenever you light a Paraffin wax candle, you are emitting diesel exhaust into your airspace.

Soy wax is considered by some to be a natural organic alternative to Paraffin wax.


There are advantages to Soy wax candles compared to Paraffin, however refining the soybean into a wax can be damaging. This refining process includes the use of preservatives, additives and bleaches which are harmful when released into your ecosystem. Simply put, soy is natural, soy wax is not natural. Similar to Paraffin wax, soy is a cost-efficient alternative commonly used by candle manufacturers.

Between soy and paraffin wax, it is important know both account for more than 95% of candles in production today. This limits visibility for the common consumer, especially for anyone searching for a healthy wax solution. Here at JoyHouse Essentials, we offer an All-Natural, chemical free based alternative using Beeswax.

Let's Elevate

Beeswax is our only wax of choice for a multitude of reasons. It is 100% natural, safe, eco-friendly and biodegradable. In addition to, beeswax emits negative ions that purify, cleanse and filter the air. This is fantastic for people that may suffer from allergies, asthma or have sensitivities from pets. These benefits provide therapeutic, invigorating experiences your body should encounter every time you light a candle. Our JHE Beeswax candles come in 3 amazing scents that are appropriate for any occasion with their own customized advantages. Click the link to learn more about our Beeswax candles and start filling your home with JOY today!

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