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JHE Recipes: Like food for the skin!

What is whipped to perfection, melts on contact and absorbs flawlessly into your skin? It's our JHE Triple Whipped Shea Butter

White Color
Refined Shea Butter

Today we will be sharing with our JHE loyal followers the highly classified Shea Butter recipe along with some recommended usage tips. Since going public with our product line back in November of 2020, our Shea Butter has been at the top of our leader board in sales, production and client feedback. Below is one of several positive feedback responses we have received.

"Your Shea Butter provides the perfect blend of moisture. It's not too greasy/oil which I've come across other Shea Butters. The product has good consistency and not grainy which proves it has been perfectly hand blended/whipped. I see why this is a top seller."

-William Upchurch

Yellow color form
Unrefined Shea Butter

For starters, crafting our perfectly balanced 3x Whipped Shea Butter is a result from vigorous trial and error. We wanted to cultivate a Shea Butter that was not oily or too thick for our clients. This required several renditions and a multitude of recipe alterations during the infancy stages. Finally, we mastered a version that was tailormade to our performance expectations. A big takeaway from the development process is valuing the significant role your ingredients play. You want to ensure the components used in your goods are properly balanced and measured. This will ultimately determine the effectiveness of the product.

Below you will see a detailed outline of the ingredients.

Shea: List Your Ingredients

(Listed quantities below produce approximately 36 ounces.)

  • 1 lbs. of Shea Butter (This recipe works using refined or unrefined shea butter)

  • 6 ounces of Unrefined Coconut oil

  • 1 1/2 ounces of Hazelnut oil

  • 1 1/2 ounces of Walnut oil

  • 1 ounces of Jojoba oil

  • 1 ounces of raw Cocoa


**We only use raw cocoa in our "untitled" Shea Butter. Our alternative options use different essential oil blends instead of cocoa.**


Shea Butter: The Process

  1. You will need a blender/mixer of some sort to mix everything together.

  2. Melt your Shea Butter down to a liquid state (we recommend a double broiler pot set) along with the raw cocoa and unrefined coconut oil. This process typically takes 5-7 mins once the water reaches boiling temps over 212 degrees.

  3. Add carrier oils (Hazelnut, Walnut and Jojoba) to the blended Shea mix and stir for 2-3 minutes.

  4. Place mixture inside your refrigerator and store overnight. For faster results, place inside the freezer. Please make sure the mixture has completely cooled to a solid state. If completely frozen, remove from freezer and allow for it to melt down to room temperature. This typically takes 5-7 hours restoring to room temperature when frozen solid.

  5. NOW the fun part, whipping! Once the product has reached a solid state that is consistent to your liking, begin whipping using a hand blender, mixer or any industrial appliance. We recommend conducting 2 whipping sessions lasting 5-7 minutes both times. Also, advise the Shea mixture will increase in volume during the whipping process.

  6. Viola! Your Shea Butter is whipped and has transformed to a light and fluffy state ready to use. You can begin using immediately.

Time to Elevate!

So, there it is family! This is what the final product looks like once you have completed

the following steps listed above. We recommend incorporating our organic shea butter product into your daily skin regiment. Our Shea Butter is beneficial for things like hydration, preventing dry skin diseases and maintaining a healthy natural glow. We always recommend using our shea butter as a base application for your skin, then sealing in the moisture using our JHE "Soul Glow" Body oil. This anti-aging oil partners perfectly with our shea butter and enhances the experience with a cinnamon kick. This added ingredient provides a captivating topcoat scent and several skin clearing benefits.

You can take advantage today by shopping our "Skin Love" Gift set. This includes both our JHE Triple Whipped Shea and our JHE "Soul Glo" Body oil for only $25.

Click here to learn more about our JHE Branded Shea Butter and the differences between refined/unrefined Shea.

-Team JHE


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