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How your pillowcase is destroying your face: Negative effects of a dirty pillowcase

What's on your pillow when you sleep every night?

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Yep, right there on your pillowcase lies massive amounts of dead skin cells, sweat, drool, bacteria, hair, makeup, oils, etc. In Fact, recent microscopic studies show in just a matter of 7 days, your Pillowcase can collect more Bacteria than your toilet seat by over 17,000 times. Another study found that unwashed pillowcases and sheets had up to 39x more bacteria than food bowls used by pets. These bacteria can sometimes lead to skin damaging infections and conditions that in rare cases can be deadly.


Time to Elevate!

For starters, laying a freshly cleansed face down on your pillowcase at night is the first line of defense for acne prevention. Our JHE Face Foam cleanses your skin from unwanted bacteria and harmful microorganisms. It also includes skin specific promoting agents such as cucumber seed oil which helps boost collagen for your face. Lastly, we recommend throwing your pillowcase in the washing machine once a week at minimum.

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