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Beard Care: Don't treat Facial hair like Head hair

General Differences

Did you know your facial hair has a completely different composition than the hair that grows on your scalp? Facial (Androgenic) hair actually has a totally different growth cycle which does not even begin until puberty.

Functionally, research shows your facial hair follicles grow in singular strands compared to your scalp which grows in groups of 1-5. Your facial hair is typically more coarse, wiry and is more susceptible to breakage due to its sensitive properties.

Why is this important to know?

For starters, these distinctions point directly to how not all body hair is equal. This means we must care for these unique strands of hair differently. Now that you know, it's time to leverage a product that is catered to your Bearded routine. At JoyHouse Essentials, we offer amazing products that provide your facial hair the care it rightfully deserves.

Let's Elevate

Our "Beard Gang" Gift Set provides you with everything you need to no matter where the phase of your bearded journey. Our collection includes our popular Beard Balm, Beard Oil & our Best-Selling Hair Growth Serum.

You even get a customized wooden comb to complete your routine. Our Beard Balm is specifically formulated to soften, condition and hydrate your beard at the root. After massaging the balm in, then you want to apply our Beard Oil as a topcoat for great scents and to stimulate growth at the ends of your hair follicles. This combination of products we guarantee will provide you with the protection and nourishment you need for a healthy beard.

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